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Our Cows

We have friendly, family milk cows. We love the dexter breed for its small size, friendly nature, and overall hardiness. We o only milk once a day. We find this allows us to have time to accomplish other farm tasks and gives us the flexibility to do family things in the evenings. These girls produce enough milk for our family with plenty extra to make available to our customers. 

Why We Have a Dairy Cow

After living for years thinking we could not consume milk without feeling sick, we were told about A2/A2 milk. The more research we did, the more we learned raw, A2/A2 milk may be our ticket to enjoying dairy once again. To our surprise, three of our four family members are able to consume the milk we get from our cow without experiencing the symptoms we felt with conventional dairy products.



Our Irish Dexter Olive is the sweetest cow you will meet but is certainly the boss of the cow herd. Olive comes to us by way of Courser Meadow Farm in Warner, N.H.

She is A2/A2 and 46" tall at her shoulder which is just perfect for us. Born 06/25/2018, she has given us 4 calves, the most recent being August of 2023. She has always calved with total ease and is a well-trained dairy cow. She has had one bull calf and 3 heifer calves. Olive has been trained to be hand-milked as well as machine-milked.

Olive loves an occasional treat and neck scratch.


2023 Heifer Calf

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