Senior Does

Sisters Three Harriette ( 3*M Pending)


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 03/05/2016

Temperament: Attention hog

Registration: ADGA

5F udder 2021

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Uncas

  SS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Understated ++B

  SD: CH Atwood Acres Dott

Dam: Sisters Three Marceline 2*M

  DS: Fairlea Siegfried +B

  DD: SGCH Sisters Three IW Abenaki 1*M


Breed: Purbred Nubian

DOB: 03/07/2020

Temperament: Giant Baby

Registration: ADGA

1F udder 2022

Sire: SG Fox's Pride KPC Get Your Wings +B

  SS: Kastdemur's Prince Carnaval *B

  DD: CH Fox's Pride Spring Bling

Dam:​ CH Rustic Wood's LI Luna Eclipse

  DS: Lynnhaven T Immortal *B

  DD: Fox's Pride BP Big Bang

Fox's Pride WHP Skylark


Breed: Purebred Nubian

DOB: 04/10/2018

Temperament: Extreamly laidback, an in your pocket goat

Registration: ADGA

Skylark comes from a fantastic line of nubians. She adds the width and length of body we love in our goats and brings with her a dairy texture and mammary system we hope will help improve our herd.

2nd freshening udder

Sire: Woest-Hoeve CS Pikachu *B

  SS: SGCH Alize Charleston Chew ++B

  SD: SGCH Woest-Hoeve Salvinia 3*M

Dam: SGCH Fox's Pride KPC Swing Kid

  DS: Kastdemur's Prince Carnaval *B

  DD: SGCH Fox's Pride SWWS Sun Sauletta

skylark udder_edited_edited.jpg

Vermont Mapleknoll Spiceoflife


Sire: Fox's Pride Chock Full of Nuts

  SS: Woest-Hoeve CS Pikachu *B

  SD: SGCH Fox's Pride KPC Machiatto

Dam: The Chambord's Bridget

  DS: Gloaming Miele's Liberia *B

  DD: Gloaming Ancho's Chambord 8*M

Breed: Purebred Nubian

DOB: 03/14/2020

Temperament: Easygoing 

Registration: ADGA

1st freshening udder 2022


Junior Does

Vermont Newmorning JR Halleys C


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf


Temperament: lap goat

Registration: ADGA

Sire: The RDH Jasper

  SS: Rebelwood O Desert Hamish

  SD: FOD Farm Shades of Grey

Dam: Sisters Three Harriette

  DS: Wood Bridge Farm Uncas

  DD: Three Marceline 2*M




Rosasharn SC Avingnonnais


Sire: Rosasharn LL Spider Crab

 SS: Short on Heaven LS Lucy's Lou *B

 SD: SG Rosasharn H B Kujira 4*M

Dam: Rosasharn LP Sestina

 DS: Short on Heaven Lyric's Parody *B

 DD: SG Rosasharn SH Sonnet 5*M

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 07/22/2021

Temperament: Easy going, quiet and friendly

Registration: ADGA

BusyB Goat Farm KF Celestial


Sire: Kindred Souls AT Flow Ryder

  SS: Proctor Hill Farm Atlantis *B

  SD: Sugar Moon NS Violet 

Dam:BusyB Goat Farm TE Twilight

  DS: Farilea Tuff E'nuff *B

  DD: SG Sugar Moon F Eclipse 5*M

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf


Temperament: Sweet, attention getter

Registration: ADGA

Oak Spring Meadow's Mintaka


Breed: 6th Generation Mini Nubian

DOB: 03/08/2021

Temperament: Shy but super loving once you earn her trust.

Registration: MDGA

Sire: Green Gables E John Smith *B

  DS: Green Gables Eclipse *B

  DD: Green Gables Goldilocks 2*P

​Dam: Oak Spring Meadow's Christa 3*P

  DS: Green Gables AC Cowboy *B

  DD: Oak Spring Meadow's Perth 2*P

Mint 09 2021.JPG

New Morning Penny Lane


Sire: Green Gables SOF Spicy Oregano

 SS: VMCH Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom +*B

 SD: Green Gables Forget-Me-Not

Dam: Hildene's Morning Poppy 3*M (pending)

 DS: The Springbrook Smash

 DD: Fresh Squeezed Lush Licorice 2*M

Breed: 1st Generation Miniature Nubian

DOB: 02/27/2022

Temperament: Independent but loves chin scratches

Registration: MDGA

Sillyheart  Toughgirl


Breed: British Guernsey

DOB: 04/08/2022

Temperament: Sweet and shy

Registration: BGS

Sire: Stumphollo Landmark

 SS: Stumphollo Hallmark

 SD: Stumphollo Hapenny

Dam: Treasured Girl

 DS: Halfcreek Moemoe

 DD: Goshenfarm Hildegarde


The RDH Jasper


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 03/29/2019

Registration: ADGA

Additional Information: Chocolate Swiss coat pattern with moonspots, blue-eyed, and polled. 

Bred by Joon Moon farm, however, there was an error made on his registration certificate, and the farm name was mistakenly left off.

Sire: Rebewood O Desert Hamish

   SS: SG NC Promisedland RC Odyssey +*B

   SD: AGS Desertnanny BR Molly

Dam: FOD Farm Shades of Grey

   DS: Rebeka Acres TT Wallie

   DD: AGS Kimstead ZOE

Jasper's dam udder_edited.jpg
Jasper's dam_edited.jpg

Photos of dam, courtesy of Joon Moon Farm

Vermont Newmorning JR Hubble


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf


Registration: ADGA

Additional Information: Hubble is wide in all the right places. We hadn't planned on keeping a 2021 buckling but this little guy caught our eyes and our hearts.

Sire: The RDH Jasper

  SS: Rebelwood O Desert Hamish

  SD: FOD Farm Shades of Grey

Dam: Sisters Three Harriette

  DS: Wood Bridge Farm Uncas

  DD: Three Marceline 2*M



BusyB Goat Farm Tango


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: 030/09/2022

Registration: ADGA

Additional information: 

Sire: Oak Apple Casanova

   SS: Oak Apple Million Dollar Baby

   SD: SG Oak Apple Macchiato 6*M

Dam: Feathernscale DP Dancer 5*M

   DS: Dragonfly POS Princeton

   DD: SG Painted Pepper Lemon Meringue 4*M

Green Gables SOF Spicy Oregano


Sire: VMCH Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom +B

   SS: VCH Beloved Freedom +B

   SD: Green Gables EHJ Lady Nutmeg 2*P

Dam: Green Gables RB Forget-Me-Not

   DS: Green Gables GS Remember the Battle *B

   DD: Green Gables USG Trillium 2*P

Breed: 4th Generation Mini Nubian

DOB: 03/04/2020

Registration: MDGA

Additional information: Bezoar coat pattern with moonspots.  Oregano is a wonderfully wide buck. 

Size Matter's SGL Johnny Cash


Breed: 5th Generation Mini Nubian

DOB: 02/15/2021

Registration: MDGA

Additional information: Polled, blue-eyed We brought Cash into our herd to help improve front end assembly.

Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Guyliner

   SS: Goat Trails Flynn

   SD: Sonflower Ranch's Fortune

Dam: GTO Ranch Gwendolyn *P

   DS: Soaring Heart's Mal Maison *B

   DD: Moonlight Gwenyth


New Morning Sweet Caroline


Breed: 1st Generation Miniature Nubian

DOB: 03/06/2022

Temperament: Spoiled Princess

Registration: MDGA

Sire: Green Gables SOF Spicy Oregano

 SS: VMCH Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom +*B

 SD: Green Gables Forget-Me-Not

Dam: Fox's Pride WHP Skylark

 DS: Woest-Hoeve CS Pikachu *B

 DD: SGCH Fox's Pride KPC Swing Kid