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Goat Sale Policy

  • Goats must be picked up at our farm 

  • Kids are typically not available before 9 weeks old due to our weaning process 

  • Kids are disbudded/polled, fully vaccinated 

  • We will not sell single kids unless there are other goats at your home. 

Waiting List

We maintain a waiting list of those who have expressed an interest in acquiring goat(s) from our herd.

Breeding season has begun for the 2022 kidding. The majority of our baby goats will be born at the beginning of March. If you would like to be notified when kids are born or become available, please request to be added to our waitlist.

Please Read

Many questions about our goat purchasing process and policies can be found on our Terms and Conditions page. Please take a look there before contacting us to inquire about our goats.

Currently Listed

In addition to the animals listed here, please see our goat breeding page for available 2022 goat kids.

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