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Terms & Conditions

New Morning Farmstead reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding at any time.


The payment method is either cash, Venmo, or PayPal. This is NON-refundable.


If for some reason we can not provide the discussed animal we will refund or offer the first choice of another kid.


Kids must be picked up at our farm on the arranged pick-up date.

If they cannot be picked up at the agreed time, New Morning Farmstead has the right to relist the animal for sale and the deposit is forfeited.


All purchaser-requested testing, vet checks, and health certificates are the financial obligation of the purchaser (unless otherwise arranged) and will be added to the total purchase price.


As kids are born we will publish available kids on our website or social media. Sales are on a first-come-first-served basis.

Goat (Doe, Buck, Wether, or Kid) pricing is dependent on the quality of the goat, its ancestors, and its age at the time of purchase.

We start the weaning process at 7/8 weeks old kids are usually ready to go to their new homes between 7-12 weeks old.  


Before they leave the farm kids are disbudded/polled, given CD&T vaccinations, and treated preventively for coccidiosis.

We will not sell single kids unless there are other goats at your home. 

Goats are herd animals and must have other goats to keep them company.

Our goats are healthy when we sell them and we guarantee that at the time of pick up.

Since we cannot control the goat's environment once they leave our farm, we cannot offer further guarantees. Stress is common in both kids and adults of all ages when moved from one place to another. Illness and in rare cases death can occur if the animal is not properly handled or treated. We will not be responsible for stress/illness of any kind after the animal leaves our farm.

​When buying adult goats or weaned kids we absolutely will NOT hold a goat or consider a goat to be "sale pending" until we have your deposit (of at least 50% total price) in hand. We prefer deposits to be made via PayPal unless you are close enough to visit the farm to make your deposit in cash.

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